Booches.nl is a personal blog about Connectivity. Connectivity, in my opinion, covers everything about IT network infrastructures and all of its related components, like new software and/or hardware from vendors like Cisco Systems, Juniper and so on. Some blogs also contain useful configuration examples, at least for me, from different network components. I created this blog to share my knowledge with other people and hopefully someone will share his knowledge with me……

Booches is dialect for the place I grow up. The real Dutch name for Booches is Bocholtz, which is located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Booches.nl contains blogs about everything related to IT network infrastructures. Most of the blogs contain experiences of myself during my work.

But who am I…. My name is René Jorissen and I am co-owner and work as Solution Specialist at 4IP B.V.. 4IP is a company, which provides customers with the extra knowledge on data/IP. 4IP helps customers with the following difficulties /problems:


  • LAN / WAN design and maintenance
  • LAN / WAN security and design solutions
  • IP VPN solutions and design
  • VoIP solutions and design
  • Internet gateway / portal solutions
  • Auditing network infrastructures
  • Choosing Internet Service Providers
  • Network tuning and troubleshooting
  • Workshops

In the pasted I worked as Connectivity Solutions Consultant at Ictivity B.V. located in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I studied at the University of Amsterdam where I obtained my Masters in System and Network Engineering. My first job was directly at Ictivity as network engineer. Currently I am CCNP and ACMX #438 and ACCP certified. You can find a my full profile on LinkedIn and you can also follow me Twitter.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs…