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FortiGate – Outbound OSPF filtering

René Jorissen on November 4, 2015 3 Comments • Tags: #filter #fortigate #ospf #outbound #outgoing #prefixlist

Just a quick post on filtering outbound OSPF advertisements. I had some struggle with this config today. config router prefix-list   edit “filter-outbound”   config rule     edit 1       set prefix       unset ge       unset le     next     edit 2       set prefix       unset ge       unset le     next     edit 3       set action deny       set prefix any … Read More


ISDN Backup – still alive?

René Jorissen on May 26, 2010 3 Comments • Tags: #backup #eigrp #floating #isdn #ospf

Nowadays everybody wants redundancy within their network, especially when using remote sites. Customers are using multiple ISP’s for redundancy and/or configure BGP solutions. In the old days (hear me talking with my 27 years) ISDN was often used for backup purposes and I still use it sometimes as redundancy mechanism. Everybody knows that bandwidth is … Read More