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Cisco 877W wireless authentication failed

At home I have a Cisco 877W router. I use the wireless functionality to connect the different laptops to the networks. After upgrading the software from the router I have problems with the wireless authentication. The router is working perfectly, but after some time the laptops are able to connect to the wireless network. Vista tells me to enter the correct pre-shared key, so this doesn’t help much.

In the buffer logging I see the following error messages:

Jan 6 2009  22:48:05.666 CET: %DOT11-7-CCKM_AUTH_FAILED: Station <mac address> CCKM authentication failed

Looking at different forums more people experience the same problem. They offer different solutions like:

  • Changing the broadcast key change interval
  • Enable AES encryption

Both solutions didn’t work for me. Because I noticed the problems after upgrading the software, I decided to downgrade the software. I downgraded from ADVSECURITY Version 12.4(22)T to ADVSECURITY 12.4(15)T8.

I searched the Cisco website and Bug Toolkit, but I couldn’t find any possible bug information about my problem. But I am sure this problem is related to the IOS image previously used. After downgrading I didn’t have any more problems with the wireless environment.