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René Jorissen on November 23, 2021 0 Comments • Tags: #security #wireshark

Today I had to decrypt SSL/TLS traffic from my browser. There are a lot of resource available to explain the steps necessary to capture traffic and decrypt the traffic, like How to Decrypt SSL with Wireshark – HTTPS Decryption Guide. However, I noticed that my ssl-keys.log file wasn’t populated when starting Chrome of Firefox. The … Read More

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ClearPass, Azure AD, SSO and Object ID

René Jorissen on August 12, 2021 0 Comments • Tags: #azure #clearpass #sso

Single sign-on is nothing new and I am not going to tell you how to configure ClearPass to use SAML SSO with Azure AD. There is a lot of documentation available, like: Flomian Networking – ClearPass SSO with Azure AD ClearPass Onboard Cloud Identity Providers This post is about an issue I was facing with … Read More

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Getting your AOS-CX switch in Central

René Jorissen on November 4, 2020 0 Comments

Everybody is talking about Cloud Management and since Aruba Central is upgraded to 2.5.2, there is the ability to manage your AOS-CX switch in Central via Template Groups. To get this done, it is necessary to get your switch connected to Central and this isn’t always a matter of booting the switch, configure IP address, … Read More

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phpIPAM – Azure and SAML authentication

René Jorissen on May 7, 2020 2 Comments • Tags: #azure #phpipam #saml2

What is easier than using your Azure credentials to log in to your web applications like phpIPAM? My daily job is networking, like routing, switching, wireless, and Wi-Fi, so I had to puzzle when I had to configure SAML2 authentication between phpIPAM and our company Azure infrastructure. I couldn’t find a lot of information about … Read More

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User tunnel not operational

René Jorissen on January 17, 2020 0 Comments • Tags: #user #user-role

HPE Aruba switches have the concept of user-based tunnelling. In short, the wired connections behave like a wireless connection. All traffic from the wired client is tunnelled to the central controller. This provides functions like central firewalling and micro-segmentation by blocking inter-user traffic. Yesterday I had a customer complaining that multiple clients weren’t able to … Read More