HPE AOS CLI command

René Jorissen on May 25, 2018 0 Comments

Description: The script is used to execute a CLI command on one or multiple switches. The script use switches.txt as input file to login to one or multiple switches. When the scripts is executed the script asks for username and password and which command to execute. The status codes of the different sections is displayed … Read More

Configuration Example, Fortinet

FortiGate – backup via auto-script

René Jorissen on March 28, 2018 4 Comments • Tags: #autoscript #backup #fortigate

One of the features I would like to see in a FortiGate is the ability to automatically create backups and copy them to offline storage. Of course, this can be accomplished by adding FortiManager to the solution, but why would I need FortiManager if I only have one FortiGate (cluster). Another option would be using scripts, … Read More

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MobileIron – replace SSL certificate

René Jorissen on February 1, 2018 4 Comments • Tags: #certificate #core #mobileiron #replace #sentry #ssl

Something completely different: changing the SSL certificate on MobileIron Core and Sentry. In total, I had to replace 5 certificates. 4 certificates are replaced via the Core web interface and 1 certificate needs to be replaced via the Sentry web interface. Core Within the Core web interface you have to change the certificated in two … Read More

Aruba Networks, Configuration Example

Problems provisioning AP324?

René Jorissen on January 19, 2018 0 Comments • Tags: #ap324 #cli #provisioning

I had to provision some AP324 APs on a standalone Aruba Mobility Controller. The controller runs AOS code and functions as standalone controller. So what could be a problem when provisioning an AP324 via the GUI??? Well during the provisioning I couldn’t choose the desired custom AP group. I can only choose from both … Read More

Aruba Networks, Management

Factory reset Mobility Controller managed by Mobility Master

René Jorissen on December 27, 2017 0 Comments • Tags: #arubaos8 #factoryreset #localconfigenable #mobilitycontroller

With the introduction of ArubaOS 8, HPE Aruba Networks introduced the Mobility Master appliance. A Mobility Master appliance takes care of all the control-plane features within your deployment. A Mobility Master provides better user experience, flexible deployment, simplified operations and enhanced performance. Mobility Controllers are added to the Mobility Master as regular controllers and all configuration for … Read More


ClearPass and InTune Integration Guide

René Jorissen on December 21, 2017 1 Comment • Tags: #clearpass #integration #intune

Lately, I have been “playing” with the integration between ClearPass and Microsoft InTune. I found this very good integration guide at the AirHeads Community. I downloaded the Integration Guide and started clicking. In the end, I wasn’t able to sync any attributes from InTune into the EndPoint database. I consulted Aruba TAC and they couldn’t … Read More