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I used MacOS X already in the past on an “old” MacBook and I have an iMac at home, but recently I am using a MacBook Pro for work. This blog is just a wrap up for “things” that I use often, but for some reason I always forget.

Add Static route

Add a static route via de command.

sudo route -n add -net <network> <gateway>
Example: sudo route -n add -net

Import intermediate / root certificate

Export a certificate from a website, so I am able to import the certificate into the MBP certificate store or import the certificate to other appliances, like ClearPass

openssl s_client -connect -showcerts



  • filter: policyid=<pid>: Search for policy ID in Log View, because Policy ID is not a standard filter


  • Config system auto-script: schedule and execute scripts, like automated backup
  • Diagnose packet sniffer: Syntax to capture traffic from a network: diagnose sniffer packet any ‘net’