ClearPass, Management, Security

ClearPass, Azure AD, SSO and Object ID

René Jorissen on August 12, 2021 0 Comments • Tags: #azure #clearpass #sso

Single sign-on is nothing new and I am not going to tell you how to configure ClearPass to use SAML SSO with Azure AD. There is a lot of documentation available, like: Flomian Networking – ClearPass SSO with Azure AD ClearPass Onboard Cloud Identity Providers This post is about an issue I was facing with … Read More

Configuration Example, Management

phpIPAM – Azure and SAML authentication

René Jorissen on May 7, 2020 2 Comments • Tags: #azure #phpipam #saml2

What is easier than using your Azure credentials to log in to your web applications like phpIPAM? My daily job is networking, like routing, switching, wireless, and Wi-Fi, so I had to puzzle when I had to configure SAML2 authentication between phpIPAM and our company Azure infrastructure. I couldn’t find a lot of information about … Read More

Aruba Networks, Management

Factory reset Mobility Controller managed by Mobility Master

René Jorissen on December 27, 2017 0 Comments • Tags: #arubaos8 #factoryreset #local-configenable #mobilitycontroller

With the introduction of ArubaOS 8, HPE Aruba Networks introduced the Mobility Master appliance. A Mobility Master appliance takes care of all the control-plane features within your deployment. A Mobility Master provides better user experience, flexible deployment, simplified operations and enhanced performance. Mobility Controllers are added to the Mobility Master as regular controllers and all configuration for … Read More

Cisco, Management

Cisco ASA: multiple context and capture

René Jorissen on April 4, 2016 1 Comment • Tags: #asa #capture #cisco #context #multiple #pcap #wireshark

Packet captures are very useful for troubleshooting purposes. The Cisco ASA supports packet captures even in multiple context mode. I normally configure packet captures on CLI level. This can be done by configuring an access-list to match the specific traffic you would like to capture. Add the access-list and the specific interface in a capture command. … Read More

Management, Wireless

Useful command: netsh wlan

René Jorissen on October 28, 2015 1 Comment • Tags: #export #netsh #profile #profiles #show #wlan

The management of wireless networks can be done via the Windows command “netsh wlan”. This command is especially useful when using Windows 8. You can use other “netsh” subcommands to retrieve other system information, like “netsh lan” to get information about your Wired AutoConfig Service settings. The following table describes some options for “netsh wlan”. Command … Read More


NetScaler VPX – upgrade firmware

René Jorissen on October 13, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #cli #firmware #netscaler #upgrade #vpx

I am fairly new to NetScaler to I tried to upgrade the software via CLI. This is what I if done. Download the upgrade firmware via Backup the configuration Upgrade the software to the NetScaler appliance (I used pscp.exe on a Windows machine to upload the software to the directory /var/nsinstall/11.0/63.16. I created the … Read More