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FortiGate – Outbound OSPF filtering

RenĂ© Jorissen on November 4, 2015 3 Comments • Tags: #filter #fortigate #ospf #outbound #outgoing #prefix-list

Just a quick post on filtering outbound OSPF advertisements. I had some struggle with this config today. config router prefix-list   edit “filter-outbound”   config rule     edit 1       set prefix       unset ge       unset le     next     edit 2       set prefix       unset ge       unset le     next     edit 3       set action deny       set prefix any … Read More

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Barracuda – Outbound SMTP Host/Smart Host in Build

RenĂ© Jorissen on December 3, 2009 0 Comments • Tags: #barracuda #build012 #host #outbound #relaying #smart #smtp

When upgrading from a build older then to a build 0.12 or above, you should pay attention to the Outbound SMTP host/Smart host configuration. This picture below shows the configuration option. The release notes tell the following: Fix: Now honors outbound BASIC > Administration > ‘SMTP host/Smarthost’ for mail delivery when relaying (recipient domain … Read More