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AutoQos error while generating commands

First of all, the post isn’t about explaining QoS. Configuring AutoQos on Cisco switches should be very easy. At least, that is what all the Cisco documentation tells you. I always thought that the statements about configuration AutoQos were true, but a few days ago I would disagree.

I was configuring multiple switches, Cisco Catalyst 2960-24PC-L switches to be more precise. The switches are configured with a default template, which is generated according the needs of the customer. I uploaded the most recent software into the switches, which is 12.2(55)SE. The customer is going to use an Avaya IP telephony environment, so I tried to apply the appropriate AutoQos command to an interface. After applying the command, I received the following error:

AutoQoS Error while generating commands on Gi0/2

The switches didn’t have any QoS configuration before applying the command. Searching multiple forums didn’t gave me a valid solution. I did my own research and found an incompatibility with the configuration mode exclusion command, like shown below:

configuration mode exclusive auto expire 500 lock-show config-wait 5 retry-wait 5

I removed the configuration mode exclusion command and the AutoQos commands can be implemented without errors. I tried to find why it isn’t possible to apply the AutoQos commands while the configuration mode exclusive command is enabled.

I guess the problem is that the configuration mode exclusive commands prevents other users or the auto-generation of commands to be executed. When applying the AutoQos commands, the commands are executed by the router / switch and not by the user who locked the cli.