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FortiMail – Howto configure DLP

René Jorissen on October 27, 2016 0 Comments • Tags: #action #configure #data-loss-prevention #dlp #fortimail #fortinet #header #howto #profile #rule #scan

The previous post showed the steps necessary to enable DLP. This post describes the workflow to configure DLP. I needed DLP to relay outbound messages to a specific mail relay based on header information. At first I create a DLP rule to define the matching conditions. I match specific header information, which is added to a message … Read More

Configuration Example, Security

Configure VPN client on IOS router

René Jorissen on February 10, 2010 9 Comments • Tags: #access #cisco #client #configure #ios #remote #router #split #split-tunneling #tunneling #vpn

One way to remotely access a network is using the Cisco VPN client. Nowadays more and more implementations of SSL VPN are being done and Cisco stopped their development on their VPN client and pushes their Cisco AnyConnect client. Still the Cisco VPN client is often used to remotely gain access to a network. The … Read More

Configuration Example

Simply back to startup-config

René Jorissen on February 10, 2010 0 Comments • Tags: #configure #nvram:startup-config #replace

There are multiple ways to get back from the running-configuration to the startup-configuration on a Cisco router. One of the simplest ways is just rebooting the router, but this takes a couple of minutes. You can also issue a copy startup-config running-config, but that doesn’t actually replace the configuration, but merges both together. A very … Read More

Configuration Example

Alias IOS Command

René Jorissen on October 20, 2008 0 Comments • Tags: #alias #configure #exec #interface

When configuring a router I often use different show commands to check or troubleshoot the configuration. I always hate to type in the whole show command, so I use aliases instead. Aliases are also used in the Open Source community, when working with a terminal. There are multiple options for the alias command, lets take … Read More