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Custom ringtones and SMS sounds on iPhone 3G

I received an iPhone 3G with a new cell phone contract. I started to play a little with it and noticed that there are only a few ringtones on the iPhone. Of course you can get more ringtones, but you have to get them through iTunes and pay for them, and that is not my intention.

I started to search the internet and already Jailbreaked my iPhone. This is cool, because I installed OpenSSH and OpenSSL. Now I can use an SSH client, or WinSCP to browse my iPhone. I read on the internet that you can only use file with the extension .m4r as ringtone on the iPhone. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn’t. I tried to copy an MP3 file to the ringtones folder (/Library/Ringtones). After rebooting the iPhone, the MP3 file wasn’t recognized by the iPhone as a ringtone.

After some more searching I found a website on the internet, which explained how to create custom ringtones by just using iTunes. I followed the steps of the article and it works great.

Click HERE for the complete article.

Next I started playing with the SMS sounds. These are also not easy to replace with your own sounds. So I looked at the internet again and found a nice video on YouTube demonstrating how to customize your SMS sounds. This video is using WinSCP to copy the necessary files to your iPhone. The folder, which contains the SMS sounds, can be found under /System/Library/Audio/UISounds.

Click HERE to see the video. The quality isn’t very good, but it worked for me.

Juniper SA publish custom ICA

I have deployed more Juniper SA 2000 appliance and in overall I am pleased with the working of the appliance. Sometimes we have minor problems when publishing ICA sessions through the appliance.

My colleagues have customers with connection problems, where suddenly the ICA sessions get disconnected and we cannot find the cause of these disconnects. Load balancing through the SA is also “hard” to configure. You have to define a custom ICA file and add the correct parameters for load balancing the sessions. In our opinion the Juniper SA appliance is a decent SSL VPN appliance, but not suitable for native Citrix environments. In native Citrix environments we prefer Citrix Secure Gateway or Citrix Access Gateway.

Now I recently noticed something strange with the Juniper SA. I am publishing a ICA session with a custom ICA file. The firmware of the Juniper is 5.5R2.1. Now I noticed that it isn’t possible to connect from a Windows 2003 server. When trying to connect you will receive the following error message:

I/O error

I checked the compatible platforms for Secure Terminal Access and Terminal Services for the 5.5 firmware and yes……Windows 2003 server isn’t supported!!!

Looking at the compatible platform for the latest firmware (6.2) Windows 2003 is supported for Secure Terminal Access and Terminal Services. So I hear you think: JUST UPGRADE THE DAM THING, but I don’t know the impact on the current configuration and published services.

I guess it would be great to check if it is possible to “hack” a Windows 2003 server and adjust the security features of the server. Because I guess that the security policies, introduced in Windows 2003 server, are the cause of not connecting the ICA session.