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Alias IOS Command

When configuring a router I often use different show commands to check or troubleshoot the configuration. I always hate to type in the whole show command, so I use aliases instead. Aliases are also used in the Open Source community, when working with a terminal.

There are multiple options for the alias command, lets take a closer look:

  • Alias exec: for Privileged Mode (for Router# prompt);
  • Alias configure: for Global Configuration Mode (for Router(config)# prompt);
  • Alias interface: for Interface Configuration Mode (for Router(config-if)# prompt;

Cisco IOS includes some built-in command aliases (of course, the Cisco IOS always accepts the shortest unique command). Default command aliases are for example:

p for ping h for help
lo for logout u and un for undebug
w for where r for resume


Next are some alias command, which I use very often:


Router(config)# alias exec s show ip int brie | exclu unass

Router(config)# alias exec si show int status

Router(config)# alias exec r show run

Router(config)# alias exec rr show ip route


Router(config)# alias configure vl1 interface vlan1

Router(config)# alias configure eigrp router eigrp 1024


Router(config)# alias interface ns no shutdown

Router(config)# alias interface load load-interval 30