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Configuration Mode Locking

While browsing some networking related blogs, so stumbled on a nice new feature in Cisco IOS on The feature prevents multiple users from changing the configuration of a network component simultaneous. This feature, configuration mode locking, is available in two different modes:

  1. Automatic – the session is locked, when you log in to the component;
  2. Manual – you can decide when to lock the configuration session;

Looking at the IOS commands, configuring configuration locked is very simple. Let’s check out the available options:

SW01#conf t

SW01(config)#configuration mode exclusive [auto | manual]

When using the keyword auto the session is automatically locked as soon as you log in to the specific network component. When using the keyword manual, you can decide when to lock the session. The lock the session manually, you use the following command:

SW01#configure terminal lock


Configuration mode locked exclusively. The lock will be cleared once you exit out of configuration mode using end/exit

The status of configuration locking can be viewed with the command:

SW01#show configuration lock

Parser Configure Lock
Owner PID        : 261
User             : booches
TTY              : 1
Type             : EXCLUSIVE
State            : LOCKED
Class            : EXPOSED
Count            : 1
Pending Requests : 0
User debug info  : configure terminal lock

This feature is very useful in environments where multiple system engineers could log in and configure the same network component.