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Cisco stack: version mismatch

When adding a new switch to an existing stack, the new switch should have the same software image as the existing stack member switches. If the new switch has different software, the switch isn’t capable of joining the stack.

Switch/Stack Mac Address : 588d.0918.3100
H/W   Current
Switch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State
*1       Master 588d.0918.3100     15     1       Ready
2       Member c471.fe99.b580     1      2       Version Mismatch

There are different ways to upgrade the new switch to the correct software image. The hard way is unplugging the new switch from the stack, upgrade the switch separately and add the switch to the stack again. A more easy way is using the archive copy-sw command. This command allows you to copy the software from a specific member switch to the new switch.

The example below copies the software from switch 1 to the destiniation switch 2.

sw-stack#archive copy-sw /destination-system 2 1
System software to be uploaded:
System Type:             0x00000002
archiving c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2 (directory)
Stacking Version Number: 1.43

System Type:             0x00000002
Ios Image File Size:   0x00DA7200
Total Image File Size: 0x01076600
Minimum Dram required: 0x08000000
Image Suffix:          universalk9-122-53.SE2
Image Directory:       c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2
Image Name:            c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2.bin
Image Feature:         IP|LAYER_3|PLUS|SSH|3DES|MIN_DRAM_MEG=128

Old image for switch 2: flash2:/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE1
Old image will be deleted after download.

Extracting images from archive into flash on switch 2…

Installing (renaming): `flash2:/update/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2′ –> flash2:/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2′
New software image installed in flash2:/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2
Removing old image: flash2:/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE

All software images installed.

sw-stack#reload slot 2

This is by far the easiest way to upgrade the new switch to the correct software image. Another method is using the copy command.

sw-stack#copy image-file.bin flash2:

sw-stack#config t

sw-stack(config)#boot system switch 2 flash:/image-file.bin


sw-stack#wr mem

sw-stack#reload slot 2

This method is very useful if you are using an image without the html web features.