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Netstat on IOS router

I often use the netstat command on a Windows machine to check on which IP and/or ports the servers or workstation is listening or established connection.

By accident I found the same kind of command for a Cisco IOS router, while I was looking through the CLI. Check out the output below:

Router#sh control-plane host open-ports
Active internet connections (servers and established)
Prot        Local Address      Foreign Address                  Service    State
tcp                 *:22                  *:0               SSH-Server   LISTEN
tcp                 *:23                  *:0                   Telnet   LISTEN
tcp                 *:23                   Telnet ESTABLIS
udp                 *:67                  *:0            DHCPD Receive   LISTEN
udp              *:50015                  *:0                  IP SNMP   LISTEN
udp                *:161                  *:0                  IP SNMP   LISTEN
udp                *:162                  *:0                  IP SNMP   LISTEN