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Cisco WLC and pre-download software to AP

A simple post, because I always forget the CLI commands to TFTP the software to the controller. I also added the command to predownload the new firmware to all access-points. This dramatically speeds up the upgrade process of the access-points.

You need to set the TFTP parameters first.

(Cisco Controller) >transfer download datatype code
(Cisco Controller) >transfer download mode tftp
(Cisco Controller) >transfer download serverip
(Cisco Controller) >transfer download path .
(Cisco Controller) >transfer download filename AIR-WLC4400-K9-5-2-178-0.aes

Next you can start the actual download of the firmware image.

(Cisco Controller) >transfer download start

You can now choose to reboot the controller without predownloading the firmware to the access-points. Predownloading the images is done via the command:

(Cisco Controller) >config ap image predownload primary all

You can view the progress of the predownload via:

(Cisco Controller) >show ap image all

Sometimes the predownloaded image is stored as backup image on the access-points. You can swap the image to the primary image via

(Cisco Controller) >config ap image swap all

Issue the following command to see the images on the Cisco WLC

(Cisco Controller) >show boot