IBM Blade with Nortel and HP switches

RenĂ© Jorissen on July 23, 2008 0 Comments • Tags: #blade #channel #hp #ibm #lacp #nortel #problems #switches #vrrp

Today I had to troubleshoot an IBM Blade system. The customer was complaining that all servers, except one, weren’t able to communicate with the rest of the network. The blade system contains two Nortel switches. Each Nortel switch is connected with a 3 Gbps LACP channel to separate HP switches. The HP switches are the … Read More

Mail relaying


RenĂ© Jorissen on March 27, 2008 0 Comments • Tags: #mail #ordb #problems #relaysordborg

Since the day before yesterday, some of our customers complained having problems with receiving e-mail. The senders from the e-mail noticed that their mail had been blocked by relays.ordb.org. This RBL is offline, according to this article, at least everybody thought. Seems to me, the RBL came online yesterday and blocked everything. I have heard … Read More