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Cisco Connect – Software Download Entitlement Controls

René Jorissen on December 13, 2010 1 Comment • Tags: #cco #cisco #connect #download #software

I read about it on the internet and last week I received the “official” mail from the Cisco Partner Channel about the changes regarding the Software Download Centre Entitlement Controls. The e-mail (in Dutch) can be found below. I have different feelings about the changes regarding the software entitlements. It isn’t possible anymore to just … Read More

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STP successor – CiscoNL

René Jorissen on August 16, 2010 0 Comments

I just watched a online movie on the CiscoNL – Technology site about the successor for Spanning Tree Protocol in the near future. The movie can be found here (language: Dutch).

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Outlook 2010 and Google Calendar Sync

René Jorissen on June 30, 2010 2 Comments • Tags: #2010 #calendar #google #outlook #sync

I replaced my Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2010. Since I am using Google Calendar, I would like to sync my calendar with Outlook. With Outlook 2007 you can use the Google Calendar Sync application. After installing Outlook 2010 the synchronization of the calendar didn’t function anymore. While synchronizing you will receive the following error message. … Read More

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The Death of CiscoBlog.com

René Jorissen on April 6, 2010 0 Comments

CiscoBlog.com is a website often used by myself to find useful information on network related issues. Today I read the following article on the website. Well, after 5 fun years of running CiscoBlog.com, Cisco “agents” have come. I was contacted by Cisco a couple weeks ago stating that CiscoBlog.com violates their trademark. Being that CiscoBlog.com … Read More

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Funny bug in Cisco Cat. 3750 12.2(50)SE

René Jorissen on March 10, 2010 2 Comments

A colleague experienced a funny bug with a Cisco Catalyst 3750 running IOS 12.2(50)SE. The bug is know under Bug ID CScsy79004. Check the images below: He was doubting his alcohol level, because he thought he didn’t drink during the weekend….LOL

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Another blogging colleague

René Jorissen on March 8, 2010 0 Comments

There is a new blogger on the internet. The owner of the blog is working as Solution Consultant at 4IP and has a main focus on networking. His blog is called Frameburst and can be found via the URL http://www.frameburst.net. He is still developing this blog and working at the layout, but here are some … Read More