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Microsoft UAG – Invalid External Port bug

Last week I have installed a Microsoft UAG array. I installed Microsoft ForeFront Unified Access Gateway 2010 including Service Pack 1. When using an array configuration you have to deploy Microsoft’s Network Load Balancing (NLB) for redundancy and load balancing purposes. I configured NLB with multicast and IGMP support. I had configured some HTTPS trunks and some HTTP trunks for http-to-https redirection.

Everything was working perfectly and I decided to install the update KB2585140 (ForeFront UAG SP1 Update 1). The main reason for installation was the introduction of SharePoint 2010 with Office Web Apps and Lync web services publishing.

The installation process was easy and completed without any errors. I noticed that after installing the update I couldn’t activate any configuration changes. Everything I hit Activate I receive the following error message:


The Activation works again by deleting all HTTP trunks and only use HTTPS trunks. The customer started a support call with Microsoft and Microsoft acknowledges this behavior when installing the update on an array configuration. At first Microsoft advised to “break” the array and use a stand-alone server deployment. If that isn’t an option we should uninstall the update. We are told that the current configuration will get to the configuration state prior to the installation.

This morning the customer received another e-mail from Microsoft stating at more and more calls were logged with the same issues. The issues now has the highest priority for the Microsoft UAG developers. Microsoft couldn’t tell when the issue will be fixed, but I guess very soon.

So when using a Microsoft UAG array configuration DON’T install Microsoft UAG SP1 Update-1.

Cacti: corrupt database

After rebooting a Cacti server, the customer complained that no new graphs were drawn by the server. I tried to run the poller.php script with the –-force option and noticed the following output:

06/16/2011 10:34:48 AM – SPINE: Poller[0] ERROR: SQL Failed! Error:’145′, Message:’Table ‘./cacti/poller_output’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired’, SQL Fragment:’INSERT INTO poller_output (local_data_id, rrd_name, time, output) VALUES (514,’traffic_in’,’2011-06-16 10:34:48′,’3446319166′),(357,’traffic_in’,’2011-06-16

This log entry was shown multiple time and it looks like the database got corrupted after the reboot. Mysql has an option to check and repair the database. So I gave that a try via the following command:

mysqlcheck –-auto-repair –-databases cacti

The command gives the following output:

cacti.cdef                                         OK
cacti.cdef_items                                   OK
cacti.colors                                       OK
cacti.data_input                                   OK
cacti.data_input_data                              OK
cacti.data_input_fields                            OK
cacti.data_local                                   OK
cacti.data_template                                OK
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.data_template_data_rra                       OK
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.graph_local                                  OK
cacti.graph_template_input                         OK
cacti.graph_template_input_defs                    OK
cacti.graph_templates                              OK
cacti.graph_templates_gprint                       OK
cacti.graph_templates_graph                        OK
cacti.graph_templates_item                         OK
cacti.graph_tree                                   OK
cacti.graph_tree_items                             OK
warning  : 2 clients are using or haven’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.host_graph                                   OK
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.host_snmp_query                              OK
cacti.host_template                                OK
cacti.host_template_graph                          OK
cacti.host_template_snmp_query                     OK
cacti.mac_track_approved_macs                      OK
cacti.mac_track_device_types                       OK
cacti.mac_track_devices                            OK
cacti.mac_track_ip_ranges                          OK
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn’t support check
cacti.mac_track_macauth                            OK
cacti.mac_track_macwatch                           OK
cacti.mac_track_oui_database                       OK
cacti.mac_track_ports                              OK
cacti.mac_track_processes                          OK
cacti.mac_track_scan_dates                         OK
cacti.mac_track_scanning_functions                 OK
cacti.mac_track_sites                              OK
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn’t support check
cacti.plugin_color_templates                       OK
cacti.plugin_color_templates_item                  OK
cacti.plugin_config                                OK
warning  : 2 clients are using or haven’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.plugin_discover_hosts                        OK
cacti.plugin_discover_template                     OK
cacti.plugin_flowview_devices                      OK
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn’t support check
cacti.plugin_flowview_queries                      OK
cacti.plugin_flowview_schedules                    OK
cacti.plugin_hooks                                 OK
cacti.plugin_realms                                OK
cacti.plugin_routerconfigs_accounts                OK
cacti.plugin_routerconfigs_backups                 OK
cacti.plugin_routerconfigs_devices                 OK
cacti.plugin_routerconfigs_devicetypes             OK
cacti.plugin_thold_contacts                        OK
cacti.plugin_thold_log                             OK
cacti.plugin_thold_template_contact                OK
cacti.plugin_thold_threshold_contact               OK
cacti.plugin_update_info                           OK
cacti.plugin_wmi_accounts                          OK
cacti.plugin_wmi_queries                           OK
cacti.poller                                       OK
cacti.poller_command                               OK
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
warning  : Table is marked as crashed
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
error    : Invalid key block position: 107523441122544244  key block size: 1024  file_length: 25600
error    : key delete-link-chain corrupted
error    : Corrupt
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn’t support check
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn’t support check
cacti.poller_output_rt                             OK
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.poller_time                                  OK
cacti.quicktree_graphs                             OK
cacti.reportit_cache_measurands                    OK
cacti.reportit_cache_reports                       OK
cacti.reportit_cache_variables                     OK
cacti.reportit_measurands                          OK
cacti.reportit_presets                             OK
cacti.reportit_recipients                          OK
cacti.reportit_reports                             OK
cacti.reportit_rvars                               OK
cacti.reportit_templates                           OK
cacti.reportit_variables                           OK
cacti.rra                                          OK
cacti.rra_cf                                       OK
warning  : 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
status   : OK
cacti.settings_graphs                              OK
cacti.settings_tree                                OK
cacti.snmp_query                                   OK
cacti.snmp_query_graph                             OK
cacti.snmp_query_graph_rrd                         OK
cacti.snmp_query_graph_rrd_sv                      OK
cacti.snmp_query_graph_sv                          OK
cacti.superlinks_auth                              OK
cacti.superlinks_pages                             OK
cacti.thold_data                                   OK
cacti.thold_template                               OK
cacti.user_auth                                    OK
cacti.user_auth_perms                              OK
cacti.user_auth_realm                              OK
cacti.user_log                                     OK
cacti.version                                      OK
cacti.weathermap_auth                              OK
cacti.weathermap_data                              OK
cacti.weathermap_maps                              OK

Repairing tables
cacti.poller_output                                OK

After the repair I ran the poller.php script again with the –-force option and this time I didn’t receive any errors and the graphs were updated again.

Afterwards I noticed that Cacti has a script of its own to repair the database. This script is called repair_database.php and can be found in the directory /var/www/html/cli/.