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Problem running ISA en IAS on the same server

RenĂ© Jorissen on March 19, 2010 3 Comments • Tags: #default #ias #isa #isaserverdefaultpolicy #policy #same #server

Today I had some problems running ISA 2004 en IAS on the same server. At the beginning the customer was running ISA 2000 and IAS on the same server without any problems. By incident, the customer was forced to upgrade his ISA. They had a 2004 license, so ISA 2004 it was. I noticed that … Read More

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Internet in Argentina

RenĂ© Jorissen on December 19, 2009 0 Comments • Tags: #argentina #default #internet #password #security #wireless

I don’t know if people from Argentina read my blog, but if they do I would like to thank them for their wireless coverage throughout the country. I am traveling for some time through Argentina and I slept in multiple hotels and hostels. Every single hotel and hostel offers some kind of internet connection. Mostly … Read More