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Fully Automated Nagios

A colleague noticed the new developments regarding Nagios. Nagios is an Open Source host, service and network monitoring program. I always had my doubts about Nagios, especially about the manageability of the application.

The installation and configuration of Nagios can be very time consuming. And a lot of customers are “afraid” of using Nagios, because of the manageability. The new developments regarding Nagios could help lessen the burden of installation and manageability. FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) developted an ISO image to easily install Nagios from CD.

FAN stands for “Fully Automated Nagios”. FAN goals are to provide a Nagios installation including most tools provided by the Nagios Community. FAN provides a CDRom image in the standard ISO format, making it easy to easilly install a Nagios server. Added to this, a wide bunch of tools are including to the distribution, in order to improve the user experience around Nagios. Source

I guess I will try the distribution and compare the ISO file with the CactiEZ ISO, which I often use to implement monitoring for switching and routing components.

In my opinion FAN could be the good step to close “my personal” gap between CactiEZ and Nagios.