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Cacti and HP Procurve

Finding a template for HP Procurve switches wasn’t that hard. I needed to find a template for HP Procurve 2510G switches. The place to look for templates is I searched the forums on the key word “procurve”, which resulted in many hits. I used the template from the article HP procurve 2600 series.

After importing all template you have the ability to monitor the MAC count on the switch and the memory usage. You also have the option to monitor the CPU usage, but you have to do some extra configuration. The zip file only contains a data template for the HP switches, but no graph template. I created my own graph template by duplicating the Cisco CPU graph template and changed the data source to the HP data template.

Graph Template Data Source

I changed the data source for the first 4 Items in the Graph Template to the HP procurve CPU data source. Next I created a device for the HP switches and added the appropriate “Associated Graph Templates” for HP procurve CPU, MAC count and memory usage. Now you only need to create a graph for the template and you are set to go.

Cacti - HP Procurve graphs