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ISA 2006 Link Translation

Web pages returned from a Web server published by a Microsoft® Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 Web publishing rule may include links containing internal names of computers or Web sites and internal paths to Web content. Because external clients cannot resolve these internal names, these links will be broken unless the internal names are replaced by the public names of published Web sites. ISA Server includes a built-in Web filter named Link Translation Filter, which uses mappings to translate internal names in links on Web pages to publicly resolvable names. Each mapping translates an internal URL (or part of a URL) to a public equivalent. For example, a mapping can translate the internal URL http://team to the public URL Link translation mappings are stored in tables called link translation dictionaries.

Today I had a problem where the remote user wanted to request the following URL This URL isn’t allowed and needed to be redirected. ISA’s Link Translation was the solution for me. I configured the following Link Translation.


The following Link Translation rule translates the URL above in

It works for me!!!