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AeroHive HMOL Redirector issue

When using the HMOL solution from AeroHive, an access-point will discover the correct HiveManager by connecting to Within the HiveManager management interface you can see which access-points have been redirected to your HMOL. This can be down by checking the Device Access Control List within the Redirector configuration.

Sometimes you will notice that not all the serial numbers are listed on this page. When this is the issue the new access-points will not connect to your HiveManager. You can try to enter the serial numbers yourself by using a csv file or enter the serial number separately. Most times I receive an error message for multiple serial numbers, like shown below.

Same serial number “serial number” already exists. Cannot override the catagory information.

When you receive this error message, you have to redirect the access-point yourself. This can be down very easily. Connect via SSH to an access-point, which is redirected to your HiveManager. Enter the following command and look for the following two lines:

AH-001#show config current
capwap client server name <AeroHive HMOL hostname>
capwap client vhm-name <Hive-name>

Now login to the access-point, which aren’t redirected to your HiveManager. You have to retrieve the IP address settings of these access-points and just login with the default username (admin) and password (aerohive). Just paste the 2 commands in the config.

The only thing you need to do now is, sit back and enjoy your coffee.

AeroHive – access to MyHive landing page

The AeroHive user, which is created by default, gets a landing page, when logging into The user can choose between the HiveManager Online and the Redirector.


When the users chooses the HiveManager Online or the Redirector, the user has the option to return to landing page by choosing the MyHive option in the upper right corner.


Subsequent users don’t get the landing page by default and don’t have the option to choose the MyHive option. Subsequent users (even if the belong to the group Configuration and Monitoring) don’t have the permissions to access the Redirector.

The default user has the option to provide access to the landing page. This configuration is done per user and can only be done by the default user. Just edit the user and enable the option “Give user access to MyHive landing page”.


When the users logs in to his HiveManager page, he will get the landing page to choose between the HiveManager Online and the Redirector.