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Upgrading Cisco switch stack

René Jorissen on December 15, 2010 0 Comments • Tags: #allow-feature-upgrade #archive #download-sw #ftp #imageonly #overwrite #stack #switch

I always upgrade a switch stack with one single command. Last week I received a call from a customer with the question about the upgrade procedure for a switch stack. The customer wanted to upload the image separately to every single switch. I told him that he could upgrade all switches at once. Since I … Read More


Cisco stack: version mismatch

René Jorissen on December 15, 2010 5 Comments • Tags: #archive #cisco #copy-sw #mismatch #stack #version

When adding a new switch to an existing stack, the new switch should have the same software image as the existing stack member switches. If the new switch has different software, the switch isn’t capable of joining the stack. Switch/Stack Mac Address : 588d.0918.3100 H/W   Current Switch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State ———————————————————- *1       … Read More


HP Blade Switch Development

René Jorissen on May 2, 2008 1 Comment • Tags: #3120g #3120x #blade #stack

Maybe old news for some of you, but HP has developed the Cisco switches for the HP Blade servers. The Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120G and 3120X provide stacking functionality. This improves the functionality of the switches by creating a single switch from two physical switches. Source: The Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120 Series Switches … Read More