RSA 7.1 supported under ESX 3.5

René Jorissen on July 23, 2009 7 Comments • Tags: #35 #71 #esx #rsa #support #vmware

More and more people would like to implement OTP (One Time Password) solutions. RSA is one of multiple vendors for OTP solutions. I also notice the wish to implement and support OTP with on-demand tokens, like SMS and e-mail.

RSA supports on-demand tokens, but the minimum RSA Authentication Manager version required is 7.1. Not only on-demand tokens, but also virtualization (like VMware) is very hot. For a long time, RSA 7.1 was only supported on physical servers. Running RSA 7.1 on a physical server doesn’t always perform very well, especially compared to RSA 6.1. This version performs well on a physical server as well on a virtual server.

RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 is now supported under VMware ESX server, hosting 3.5. You can check all supported platforms on the RSA website.

I guess I have to install this version under ESX to see how it performs, but maybe someone can tell me their own experience….

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  1. Dean says:

    Hi Mate,

    I noticed you had performance issues with installing RSA 7.1 on a vmware server, so did i,

    I installed on an esx server and assigned 2cpu’s and 4gb ram and performance was horrid, i went straight back to 6.1

    I have to get this running soon and i am deciding if to try again with 7.1 SP on vmware or go for a physical server,

    have you tried SP2 on vmware?

  2. Dean,

    I have installed 7.1 (with the patch) under VMware 3.5 once and it is performing fine. This week I will install RSA 7.1 under VMware 4, so I will let you know how it performs.


  3. Julian says:


    do you have some new information how rsa 7.1 performs under VMware 4?


  4. Hey Julian,

    I installed RSA 7.1 SP2 under VMware 4 and it performs perfectly. I also installed RADIUS and I am using hardware tokens and On Demand tokens.

    Be sure to install SP2, because of the fixes for ESX.


  5. Linus says:

    I have installed RSA Authenitcation Manager 7.1 SP2 on a VMware ESX 3.5 and the performance is horrible. I cannot installa vSphere 4 just yet.. You guys have any ideas? RSAs support forums is worthless :|


  6. Ana says:

    I am thinking to install RSA 7.1 in VMWARE ESX 3.5 but I am reading the implementation manual and it just says that RSA 7.1 just supports Windows 2003 server, I was wondering if anybody has installed RSA 7.1 in windows 2008 server or what Authentication manager have you installed to work in this OS?

    Thank you,

  7. Hey Ana,

    I learned from installing RSA under VMware while it wasn’t supported yet. So I haven’t tried to install RSA 7.1 under Windows Server 2008. I guess the problem with Windows Server 2008 is the 64-bits OS. Currently RSA 7.1 including RADIUS can only be installed on 32-bits Windows Server 2003.

    My advise: as long as Windows Server 2008 isn’t supported officially, do not install RSA under Windows Server 2008!!

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