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Nokia E71, XS4ALL and SIP

René Jorissen on November 13, 2009 0 Comments • Tags: #e71 #nokia #proxy #registrar #server #sip #xs4all

My Internet provider, XS4ALL, offers me the possibility to use a free SIP account. This is especially useful when travelling abroad. I can call to the Netherlands with the SIP accounts. This saves me a lot of money compared to calling with my regular cell phone.

I often hard reset my phone, so all settings will be gone. Sometimes I forget to backup my phone first before giving it a hard reset. After resetting the phone to its factory default settings, I always struggle with configuring the SIP account again. So here is the manual……finally:

  1. Go to Menu –> Tools –> Settings –> Connection –> SIP Setting;
  2. Create a new account
  3. Profile name: XS4ALL
  4. Service Profile: IETF
  5. Default Access Point: none (I choose the correct access point manually)
  6. Public name: <SIP phone number>@sip.xs4all.nl
  7. Use compression: No
  8. Registration: When needed
  9. Use security: No
  10. Proxy Server
  • Proxy server address: sip.xs4all.nl
  • Realm: sip.xs4all.nl
  • User name: <SIP phone number>
  • Password: <password>
  • Allow loose routing: Yes
  • Transport type: Auto
  • Port: 5060
    1. Registrar server
  • Registrar server address: sip.xs4all.nl
  • Realm: sip.xs4all.nl
  • User name: <SIP phone number>
  • Password: <password>
  • Transport type: Auto
  • Port: 5060
    1. Next go to Menu –> Tools –> Settings –> Connection –> Internet telephone
    2. Create a new profile
    3. Name: XS4ALL
    4. SIP profiles: XS4ALL

    Now you have, besides making a voice or video call, the opportunity to make an Internet call.

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