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FortiGate – Outbound OSPF filtering

René Jorissen on November 4, 2015 3 Comments • Tags: #filter #fortigate #ospf #outbound #outgoing #prefix-list

Just a quick post on filtering outbound OSPF advertisements. I had some struggle with this config today. config router prefix-list   edit “filter-outbound”   config rule     edit 1       set prefix       unset ge       unset le     next     edit 2       set prefix       unset ge       unset le     next     edit 3       set action deny       set prefix any … Read More

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Aruba MAS – Tunneled node

René Jorissen on March 12, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #aruba #mas #tunneled-node

Today I played a bit with an Aruba Mobility Access Switch with Tunneled Node configuration to a Aruba Mobility Controller. More information on Tunneled Node can be found here. The configuration is straight forward. You need to configured a tunneled-node profile on the MAS and associate the access ports on the MAS to a VLAN, … Read More

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ProCurve – Secure Management

René Jorissen on February 17, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #hp #management #procurve #secure

Managing networking components is possible via a web interface or via a command-line interface. It doesn’t matter which method you prefer, but it does matter that the connection should be secure. If you use telnet (cli) or http (web interface) the management traffic is send clear-text across the network. I still notice that a lot of … Read More

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FortiGate – debug flow

René Jorissen on February 10, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #debug #diagnose #flow #fortigate #policy #simulation

You can use the diagnose debug flow commands to do a policy simulation. An example of the output: fw01 (root) # diagnose debug enable fw01 (root) # diagnose debug flow show console enable show trace messages on console fw01 (root) # diagnose debug flow filter addr fw01 (root) # diagnose debug flow trace start … Read More

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Cisco WLC and pre-download software to AP

René Jorissen on February 4, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #cisco #predownload #upgrade #wlc

A simple post, because I always forget the CLI commands to TFTP the software to the controller. I also added the command to predownload the new firmware to all access-points. This dramatically speeds up the upgrade process of the access-points. You need to set the TFTP parameters first. (Cisco Controller) >transfer download datatype code (Cisco … Read More

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ClearPass – mail validation

René Jorissen on January 29, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #clearpass #guest #mail #restrict #validation

If you would like to restrict or validate mail addresses during guest registration, you can use simply restrict domains. An example of a mail validation for the provided user and sponsor mail address is. user mail validation (the mail address should not be a company mail address) array ( ‘deny’ => array ( 0 => … Read More