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ClearPass, Azure AD, SSO and Object ID

RenĂ© Jorissen on August 12, 2021 0 Comments • Tags: #azure #clearpass #sso

Single sign-on is nothing new and I am not going to tell you how to configure ClearPass to use SAML SSO with Azure AD. There is a lot of documentation available, like: Flomian Networking – ClearPass SSO with Azure AD ClearPass Onboard Cloud Identity Providers This post is about an issue I was facing with … Read More

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phpIPAM – Azure and SAML authentication

RenĂ© Jorissen on May 7, 2020 2 Comments • Tags: #azure #phpipam #saml2

What is easier than using your Azure credentials to log in to your web applications like phpIPAM? My daily job is networking, like routing, switching, wireless, and Wi-Fi, so I had to puzzle when I had to configure SAML2 authentication between phpIPAM and our company Azure infrastructure. I couldn’t find a lot of information about … Read More